Special issue on Funds of Identity published in the Mind, Culture, and Activity journal

We are pleased to announce that the publication of the special issue entitled  “Advancing funds of identity theory” is now available online in the journal Mind, Culture and Activity (Volume 28, Issue, 2, 2021).

Special Issue: “advancing funds of identity theory”
Arturo Cortez, Sophina Choudry, Moisès Esteban-Guitart, Beth Ferholt, Ivana Guarrasi, Alfredo Jornet, Monica Lemos, Mara W. Mahmood, Bonnie Nardi, Antti Rajala, Anna Stetsenko & Julian Williams

Realigning Funds of Identity with struggle against capital: the contradictory unity of use and exchange value in cultural fields
Laura Black, Sophina Choudry, Emilia Howker, Rebecca Phillips, David Swanson & Julian Williams

The place of interests, agency and imagination in funds of identity theory
Helen Hedges

Creating space for agency: a conceptual framework to understand and study adolescents’ school engagement from a Funds of Identity perspective
Monique Verhoeven, Joseph L. Polman, Bonne J. H. Zijlstra & Monique Volman

Funds of identity and self-exploration through artistic creation: addressing the voices of youth
Cristina Zhang-Yu, Sarai García-Díaz, David García-Romero & José Luis Lalueza

Young people pursuing futures: making identity labors curricular
Lew Zipin, Marie Brennan & Sam Sellar

Advancing the funds of identity theory: a critical and unfinished dialogue
Moises Esteban-Guitart