Funds of Knowledge for Social Justice: Family-School Alliances for Educational Transformation

Available a special issue on Funds of Knowledge for the Spanish Journal Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social. The special issue has been coordinated by Javier González-Patiño (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Moisès Esteban-Guitart (Universitat de Girona). It is entitled: Funds of Knowledge for Social Justice. Family-School Alliances for Educational Transformation (“Fondos de conocimiento para la justicia social. Alianzas familia-escuela para la transformación educative”).  

This special issue, carried out in the context and impulse of the international network Funds of Knowledge Alliance, aims to contribute, at a theoretical, methodological, and empirical level, to the praxis of critical, emancipatory, and anti-racist pedagogies aimed at equity, inclusion, and social justice. Thus, the different articles in the monograph aim to illustrate how the Funds of Knowledge perspective can contribute to the valuation, legitimization, and sustainability of cultural, social, and personal differences; overcoming the discourse of educational and cultural deficit that permeates much of the relations between the school, as an institution of power and representation of the majority white society, and families, deeply rich and diverse. The special issue includes different considerations, analyses and experiences that contribute to the literature on the funds of knowledge and identity approach, and to pedagogies of cultural sustainability. All the papers, whether at a theoretical-conceptual or empirical-methodological level, contribute with visions and practices towards social justice and cultural sustainability of a profound diversity that needs to be normalized, as well as a normality that needs to be problematized and diversified. Underlying all of them is the same desire towards committed praxis with the deep and real recognition of the conditions, strengths and experiences of the learners and their families, deconstructing deficient racist visions, and broadening both the frameworks of understanding and intervention of education for social justice.

The special issue has been published on 28.05.2021. Available as a Free Open Acces:

RIEJS Vol 10, No 1 (2021): Fondos de Conocimiento para la Justicia Social. Alianzas Familia-Escuela para la Transformación Educativa.


Fondos de Conocimiento para la Justicia Social. Alianzas Familia-Escuela para la Transformación Educativa
Javier González-Patiño y Moisés Esteban-Guitart

Sección Temática: Fondos de Conocimiento para la Justicia Social
Desarrollando Fondos de Conocimiento: Prácticas Educativas Socialmente Justas en el Contexto Español
David Subero

Las Familias ante las Escuelas en Estudios Chilenos: Algunos Supuestos Bajo Sospecha
Dominique Manghi, Elsa María Castrillón-Correa, Héctor Cárcamo-Vásquez y Andrea Precht

Continuidad Educativa y Fondos de Conocimiento de Familias Venezolanas en Chile
Macarena Lamas-Aicón y Patricia Thibaut

El Impacto de la Aproximación Fondos de Conocimiento desde la Visión de las Docentes y las Familias. Un Estudio Cualitativo
Mireia Machancoses

Repensando las Prácticas Culturales de la Infancia Gitana a través de la Exploración de sus Fondos de Conocimiento e Identidad
Miguel A. Santos Rego, Mar Lorenzo Moledo y Gabriela Míguez Salina

Fondos de Identidad y Justicia Social a través de la Fotovoz “Ayotzinapa: Lugar de Tortugas
Frida Díaz Barriga, Ramsés Barroso y Edmundo Antonio López

Connecting Funds of Knowledge to Funds of Identity through a Bilingual Multimodal Project-Based Approach
Adriana Álvarez